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Professional Garage Equipment Ireland

TyreGo.ie in Dublin provides top quality garage and tyre bay supplies, tools & equipment at excellent prices. We have a fantastic range of garage equipment, wheel balancers, tyre changers, car lifts, balance weights, tyre repair materials & tools, valves & valve tools, tyre levers, workshop tools and more.

With over 30 years of experience, we provide top quality products from manufacturers in the U.S.A and Europe who we deal with directly. With next day delivery on a consumable products when orders are in by 2pm and 24-48 hours delivery on equipment you can always rely on TyreGo.ie.

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ATEQ Torque Tool Dura Vulc Perma-Seal
Our Price: €55.00
List Price: €36.00
Our Price: €31.25
ATEQ pang-o-fil
Fitting tool for the servicing of TPMS valves.
Adjustable from 1nm to 8nm and supplied with 2 hex sockets and a Torx 10 bitet.
Nylon filament and cured rubber wrapped in Versacure gum to seal and vulcanise to the tyre.
Use with Supersolution fast dry cement.
KEN TOOL Serpent demount lever PCL Coupling & Standard Adaptor Air Tool Hose 10 Mtr
List Price: €75.00
Our Price: €55.00
Savings: €20.00
List Price: €36.00
Our Price: €28.50
Vertex Coupling & Standard Adaptor Air Tool Hose
Ken tool serpent demount lever PCL's 8mm (5/16") and 10mm (5/16") air hose is a Rubber PVC Alloy (PTE) compound; it looks and feels like rubber but doesn't have the downsides associated with rubber.

Available in popular cut lengths complete with Vertex Coupling and Standard Adaptor ends, thereby saving you time and the need for expensive crimping equipment.

Just plug in and go.
ATEQ VT56 TPMS Tool + FREE Printer & Dock Valve reducer
List Price: €1,550.00
Our Price: €1,450.00
List Price: €2.25
Our Price: €1.85
Savings: €0.40
The VT56 is a fully updateable, universal TPMS tool. Designed to activate all TPMS sensors and store the sensor data. Using the OBDII connector this data can be transferred to the vehicle to reset the ECU when a sensor is replaced or wheel positions are changed. All popular programmable sensors can be programmed with the VT56. Adaptor Round Converts L/B valve to standard valve

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3d wheel alignment
The very latest in 3D wheel alignment technology using the latest Widescope innovation

Top Sellers

Tetrosyl Tyre Paint 5ltr
Our Price: €36.00
Hatco Bead Blaster
Our Price: €175.00
PCL Airline Inflator Gauge MK3
Our Price: €68.00
ATG Maxi-Flex Ultimate
Our Price: €4.35
PSO 15 Truckstar PLUS 500W Tyre Regroover
Our Price: €375.00

New Products

Large Bore Tubeless Spud
Our Price: €2.80
Double extension clamp
Our Price: €3.50
Truck valve single bend standard 10pcs
Our Price: €18.00
PANG absolute pressure gauge
Our Price: €82.00
CURE - FIX Tyrepair kit
Our Price: €19.00