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ATEQ T-PRO 2 universal TPMS complete sensor T-PRO 1 universal TPMS complete sensor
TPMS snap in replacement valve T-PRO 2 SENSOR from Truflex/PANG T-PRO SENSOR FROM TRUFLEX / PANG
Truflex / PANG TPMS Service Kit 1 Ken Tool ReCore TPMS Sensor Saver Ken Tool ReCore TPMS Sensor Saver
The PANG TPMS service kits include everything you need to properly service TPMS equipped tyres and rims. Service packs are tailored to specific vehicle makes, models and years.
Service kits include sealing components such as caps, cores, grommets and nuts. OEM specifications call for these components to be placed every time tyres and rims on TPMS equipped vehicles are serviced.
KEN TOOL reCore kit. Saves broken TPMS valve stems KEN TOOL reCore kit. Saves broken TPMS valve stems
ATEQ VT56 TPMS tool and printer cradle ISENSOR
The VT56 is a fully updateable, universal TPMS tool. Designed to activate all TPMS sensors and store the sensor data. Using the OBDII connector this data can be transferred to the vehicle to reset the ECU when a sensor is replaced or wheel positions are changed. All popular programmable sensors can be programmed with the VT56. Complete TPMS solution with 4 sensor valves and programming and diagnostic tool