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Tyre Paste Brush Car Rasp / Probe 14" Cable ties - silver 100pcs
Tyre Paste Brush
Our Price: €3.60
Car Rasp / Probe
Our Price: €3.98
TYRE PASTE BRUSH Needle rasp / reamer tool for tubeless string repair High quality silver cable ties
Buffing Disc 80grit Snips Wire Brush
Buffing Disc 80grit
Our Price: €4.60
Our Price: €4.80
Wire Brush
Our Price: €4.95
Buffing Disc for tyre repair Diagonal cutting snips Wire brush with plastic handle
PCL Tread Depth Gauge Golf Ball Buffer Rim edge protector
PCL Tread Depth Gauge
Our Price: €5.95
Golf Ball Buffer
Our Price: €6.80
Rim edge protector
Our Price: €6.85
PCL Tread Depth Gauge Used to buff the tyre before repairing the tyre injury Clip on alloy rim protector
4 way wheel brace Patch Roller Wooden Handle Valve Knife
4 way wheel brace
Our Price: €8.00
Patch Roller Wooden Handle
Our Price: €8.60
Valve Knife
Our Price: €8.65
15mm 17mm 19mm 21mm Tubeless valve knife
Tyre Scraper Car Needle Tool 6mm Diamond cut pointed carbide burr
Tyre Scraper
Our Price: €8.65
Car Needle Tool
Our Price: €8.80
Tyre scraper for the preparation of the repairable area before fixing the patch Needle tool for tubeless string repair 6mm Diamond cut pointed carbide burr for use with 6mm maxi seals
Balance Weight Pliers Prema Pistol Grip Reamer (Truck) Laser Tyre Lever 500ml
Balance Weight Pliers
Our Price: €12.68
Laser Tyre Lever 500ml
Our Price: €29.95
Truck Reamer 100 mm Pistol Grip 500mm galvanized and forged steel tyre lever. Does not bend like the cheap alternatives!!!!!!

Plastic Mounting Head For Butler Tyre Changer Plastic Mounting Head For John Bean, Hoffman, Sanp on Tyre spreader
Tyre spreader
Our Price: €49.50
Plastic Mounting Head For Butler tyre changer Plastic mount head FOR HOFFMAN, SNAP ON & JOHN BEAN Bench mounted tyre spreader used to secure tyre when repairing a punture.
Plastic Mounting Head For SICE, Corghi, Hoffman Complete plastic mounting head with metal bracket, Compass AE Sykes Pickavant 1/2" Torque Wrench
Plastic Mounting Head For SICE, Corghi, Hoffman Plastic Mounting Head For Compass Automotive Equipment Professional torque wrench 1/2"