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Balancing Powder

We stock a wide selection of wheel balancing powder including EasyBag balancing compound in 200g, 300g 500g and 7.5kg buckets.
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EasyBag Balancing Compound 200g Easy balance EasyBag Balancing Compound 500g
EasyBag Balancing Compound 200g
List Price: €8.00
Our Price: €4.80
Savings: €3.20
EasyBag Balancing Compound 300g
List Price: €8.50
Our Price: €5.90
EasyBag Balancing Compound 500g
List Price: €10.50
Our Price: €8.00
EASYBALANCE tyre balancing powder independently tested by DEKRA.
Optimised Tyre Balancing
Truck, bus and lorry wheel balancing compound Truck, bus and lorry wheel balancing compound
Easy-Balance Balancing Powder 7.5kg
EASYBALANCE is an absorbent balancing powder which is placed directly inside truck and bus tyres. The product has been on the market since 1994 and since then has demonstrated its ability to balance truck and bus tyres worldwide