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Dura Vulc Truck Patches Radial (10) RD120 Dura Vulc Truck Patches Radial (10) RD120

Dura Vulc truck tyre patches 120

Our Price: €18.95
Waste / Multi Oil Burner Waste / Multi Oil Burner

The universal oil heater type MTM 17-33 is designed to heat up industrial rooms not covered with central heating systems (workshops, car repair shops, industrial shops, warehouses, storage buildings, basements, garages, etc.).
The stove can operate using most waste oils of mineral and plant origin, e.g. engine, gear, hydraulic, fuel oil, with maximal density in temperature of 15°C equal to 890 kg/m3 and with ignition temperature exceeding 56°C.

List Price: €1,850.00
Our Price: €1,349.00
Savings: €501.00
8mm maxi-seal patch 8mm Truflex PANG Maxi-Seals (24)

Truflex / PANG 8mm maxi-seal combi patch 24

List Price: €36.00
Our Price: €28.50
Valve reducer Valve reducer

Adaptor Round Converts L/B valve to standard valve

List Price: €2.25
Our Price: €1.85
Savings: €0.40
Bondlock B 243 threadlock Bondlock B 243 threadlock

50ml,Bondloc 243 medium strength threadlocker

Our Price: €22.00
Adhesive balance weights SUPER SLIMLINE Adhesive balance weights SUPER SLIMLINE

Super Slimline Adhesive weights 100 strips x 60g (4x5g+4x10g)

List Price: €44.00
Our Price: €24.50
Savings: €19.50