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Professional Garage Equipment Ireland

TyreGo.ie in Dublin provides top quality garage and tyre bay supplies, tools & equipment at excellent prices. We have a fantastic range of garage equipment, wheel balancers, tyre changers, car lifts, balance weights, tyre repair materials & tools, valves & valve tools, tyre levers, workshop tools and more.

With over 30 years of experience, we provide top quality products from manufacturers in the U.S.A and Europe who we deal with directly. With next day delivery on a consumable products when orders are in by 2pm and 24-48 hours delivery on equipment you can always rely on TyreGo.ie.

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TR414 snap-in rubber valves (100) Valve reducer
Our Price: €13.50
List Price: €2.25
Our Price: €1.85
Savings: €0.40
Snap-in rubber valves for most standard wheels both steel and alloy
TR414 Rim Hole 11.5mm L 49mm
Adaptor Round Converts L/B valve to standard valve
Waste / Multi Oil Burner 6mm Tyre Rasp (Rough Coating)
List Price: €1,600.00
Our Price: €1,105.00
Savings: €495.00
List Price: €11.00
Our Price: €8.50
tyre rasp / reamer
WASTE OIL / MULTI OIL BURNER FROM MTM 6mm Tyre Rasp (Rough Coating). Us with 6mm M6E maxi seals, 4.5mm string, 4mm string , and Pang-o-fil inserts
PCL 1/2" Lithium Ion Impact Wrench + spare battery Waste / Multi Oil Burner
List Price: €500.00
Our Price: €465.00
Savings: €35.00
List Price: €1,850.00
Our Price: €1,349.00
Savings: €501.00
PCL Cordless lithium ion impact wrench 18v with spare battery The universal oil heater type MTM 17-33 is designed to heat up industrial rooms not covered with central heating systems (workshops, car repair shops, industrial shops, warehouses, storage buildings, basements, garages, etc.).
The stove can operate using most waste oils of mineral and plant origin, e.g. engine, gear, hydraulic, fuel oil, with maximal density in temperature of 15°C equal to 890 kg/m3 and with ignition temperature exceeding 56°C.

Today's Super Deal!

ATH 134 ECO A/C Recharge unit

Our Price: €2,300.00
Sale Price: €1,900.00
Savings: €400.00


  • Fully automatic, without manual valves for R134a
  • Fully automatic operation function
  • Self-explanatory menu navigation
  • Vehicle database
  • Three manometers with 60 mm diameter for HP-LP cylinder pressure
  • Fully automatic pressure regulation and control of internal cooling agent tank
  • Function of vacuum leakage test
  • 10 kg internal cooling agent tank
  • Integrated thermal printer

Top Sellers

3d wheel alignment
Our Price: €10,000.00
ATG Maxi-Flex Ultimate
Our Price: €4.50
PCL Airline Inflator Gauge MK4
Our Price: €72.95
Rillfit Tyre Regrooving Blade
Our Price: €9.95
dynomec locking wheel nut remover
Our Price: €36.00

New Products

Truck valve single bend standard 10pcs
Our Price: €18.00
Tractor Tube Valve - Complete
Our Price: €5.60
ATH HEINL w62 3d wheel balancer
Sale Price: €2,100.00
Tractor Tubeless Valve
Our Price: €25.10
CURE - FIX Tyrepair kit
Our Price: €19.00