Professional Garage Equipment Ireland in Dublin provides top quality garage and tyre bay supplies, tools & equipment at excellent prices. We have a fantastic range of garage equipment, wheel balancers, tyre changers, car lifts, balance weights, tyre repair materials & tools, valves & valve tools, tyre levers, workshop tools and more.

With over 30 years of experience, we provide top quality products from manufacturers in the U.S.A and Europe who we deal with directly. With next day delivery on a consumable products when orders are in by 2pm and 24-48 hours delivery on equipment you can always rely on

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Our Price: €99.00
Michelin CompressoR 300ltr 7.5HP  - Made in Italy Michelin CompressoR 300ltr 7.5HP - Made in Italy

Michelin air compressors made by FIAC Italy

Our Price: €1,900.00
pang-o-fil Dura Vulc Perma-Seal Truck Tyre Repair 190mm

Long Nylon filament and cured rubber wrapped in Versacure gum to seal and vulcanise to the tyre.
Use with Supersolution fast dry cement.

List Price: €38.00
Our Price: €32.00
TR414 snap-in rubber valves Bulk 1000 TR414 snap-in rubber valves Bulk 1000

Snap-in rubber valves for most standard wheels both steel and alloy
TR414 Rim Hole 11.5mm L 49mm

Our Price: €150.00
Balco alignment BALCO 4 wheel laser alignment

The Balco A200 4 wheel alignment system provides proven alignment technology in an economical and powerful package.
1 x Wall mounted charging unit
2 x Laser alignment heads
2 x target plates
1 x BALCO braded light box for advertising
1 x set of drop down pins
2 x Turning plates
1 x Steering wheel clamp
1 x Brake pedal presser

List Price: €2,650.00
Our Price: €2,500.00
Valve Knife Valve Knife

Tubeless valve knife

List Price: €12.00
Our Price: €8.65
Savings: €3.35